Founded on the concept that a hot tub represents one of life’s greatest pleasures , ScumRay is masterfully designed to keep it fresh and fun for the long-run. 


It’s no surprise that hot tubs pose a unique set of problems for owners to deal with – from general wear and tear, and physical degradation – to chemical balance and dirt deposition. This makes its use challenging even for the most seasoned of users.
As a retailer, you can give your customers a unique advantage with our hot tub cleaner that outperforms any other cleaning tool on the market.
Like its name suggests, ScumRay has been developed as a unique cleaning and maintenance product to help keep your customers hot tub sparkling clean by absorbing:
  •  Body oils
  • ​ Cosmetics
  • Lotions
  • ​ Exfoliated skin
And it acts long before these become scum deposits in the tub, pipes, and filter.
Best of all? It is designed in a consumer-friendly and fun package, in the shape of a soft smiling stingray. Our signature ScumRay was developed based on the need to keep hot tubs clean longer and keep consumers happy with your company for life.
Put yourself years ahead of the competition.

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Its innovative stingray design, and its unique absorbing fibers, attracts everything your customers don’t want in their hot tubs: body oils, cosmetics, exfoliated skin and more.

These fibers are woven into a scum-trapping 3D honeycomb micromesh, dramatically increasing the surface area available to trap elements that create hot tub scum.

What’s more? ScumRay’s submerged tail is designed to make water wash over its wings – quickly trapping body oil before it settles in the tub and even has the chance to become a problem.


When it comes to design and efficiency, ScumRay transcends the traditional tub offerings, harnessing the latest in scientifically-backed development for consistency, real results, and lasting protection for hot tubs. 

You might be wondering what difference our product would make, in comparison to your current product offerings. 

Got questions? We’ve got answers. 

The answer is simple:

Unlike conventional hot tub cleaning agents like Spa Balls, Scumballs or Zorbies, –ScumRay is the only hot tub cleaner on the market that truly reflects a commitment to long-term cleaning. In fact, they out-clean the competitors by a wide margin.

Ours is the only hot tub cleaner on the market that truly reflects a commitment to long-term cleaning – in fact, they out-clean competitors by a wide margin.


Reusable, machine-washable and easy to install , ScumRay is simple to use even for those who aren’t the most tech-savvy.


ScumRay goes for a swim


ScumRay works its magic


Hot Tub is sparkling clean

There’s two ScumRay cleaners and suction cup anchors in each Twin Pack, and they last a whole year – making it an economical choice.

What’s more?

ScumRay doubles as a friendly-faced and fun talking point for hot tub owners who enjoy novelty. 

For your customers, there’s no feeling like having a powerful product to show off to their friends and loved ones.

Even for customers who don’t have hot tubs, ScumRay can be gifted by customers to their family and friends.

Make ScumRay your unique selling point


ScumRay offers a partnership of promise.

For consumers, our promise is that our product will do a superior job. For retailers, our promise is that your customers will enjoy our product while you experience strong margins.

Today, we’re cultivating new partnerships with agile, innovative retailers who want to stay ahead of the trends.

We’re penetrating the hot tub market and making a positive difference to the experience of consumers and retailers alike.

In just 5 minutes, you could have the industry gold standard in hot tub cleaning and maintenance products.

Incorporating our product with your offerings is nothing short of a pioneering advantage for people seeking quality, robust hot tubs – and a reliable retailer who sells them.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. 


We absolutely love the scum rays. Our customers can't get enough of them. Not only do they work amazing, they're long lasting and cute!

Jennifer T.

Owner of Caribbean Pools
Schererville, IN
I have been using your product for over six months and have had great reviews from my customers. A lot of my customers are daily spa users and this product helps with the body oils in the water. My customers are amazed how it breaks down the brown scum/foam and absorbs it inside the ScumRay. They also love how there are two of them, while one is in the spa the other is cleaned and ready for the next use. Thanks so much it has been very beneficial for my customers.

Michelle R.

Pool/Spa Technician
Spa Kingdom, Inc.
Fruitland Park, FL
Our company has been extremely satisfied with our purchases of ScumRays. We recently purchased 50 units for our 3 locations. We sold out at the first location within the first 2 days of having the products in stock. We have since purchased an additional 100 units and can't keep them in stock. Our customers are happy with the quality, the cost and the sustainability of the product. The company was quick to fill our orders and have been professional through the entire process. We highly recommend ScumRay.

Trish C.   Product Manager 

Bullfrog Spas of Northern Utah
Ogden, UT
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